Devotional songs belong to a special genre of their own. They refer to musical songs, chants, mantra and hymns that are sung in order to please gods, experience spirituality and to celebrate certain religious rituals. These devotional songs are a way to be closer to the all divine, to god. From time unknown or rather precisely the advent of music in history, devotional songs are being composed. Continue reading ‘Devotional Songs’


Telugu is the language spoken in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh and also some neighboring states. This language has an importance of its own in India. Songs dedicated to god and also preaching spirituality in Telugu language belongs to Continue reading ‘Telugu Devotional Songs’


Tamil is one of the most important languages in India. It is basically spoken in the state of Tamil Nadu and also in neighboring states. The religion followed in this state is basically Christianity, but you can find other religions also. The devotional songs written in Tamil and dedicated to the gods of different religions constitute the genre of Tamil Devotional songs. Continue reading ‘Tamil Devotional Songs’


Malayalam is the language spoken basically in Kerala and in the neighboring states also. The language is among one of the most spoken languages in India. The songs composed and sung in this language and which are dedicated to god and teaches spirituality belongs to the genes of Malayalam Devotional Songs. Continue reading ‘Malyalam Devotional Songs’


Hindi is one of the most important languages of India. It is the national language of India. It is spoken in nearly all parts of India. This language is well known in all the areas of India, this is the reason for the development of the genre of Hindi Devotional music. This genre is very old. Its presence can be traced out from more than 5 centuries. Continue reading ‘Hindi Devotional Songs’


English is an international language. You can speak English in every nook and corner of the global village, the world. This is the biggest reason why English devotional songs are so popular around the world. Whether it is New York or New Delhi, California or Canberra, one will find equal listeners of English Devotional songs. Continue reading ‘English Devotional Songs’


Devotional songs are very special to someone‚Äôs heart irrespective of the fact that to which part of the world the individual belongs. When we talk about Christian devotional songs, they must have a huge fan following as Christianity is one of the biggest religion in this world. Continue reading ‘Christian Devotional Songs’