Christian Devotional Songs

Devotional songs are very special to someone’s heart irrespective of the fact that to which part of the world the individual belongs. When we talk about Christian devotional songs, they must have a huge fan following as Christianity is one of the biggest religion in this world. Some of the famous singers who have lend their voices to Christian Devotional songs are Markose, Manju, Kester, KS Chitra, Charly Chacko, Unni Menon, Lekha, Jerson, Venugopal, Ramesh, Murali, Delima, M G Sreekumar and many more. These singers with the power of their magical and soul touching voices have given Christian devotional songs a new dimension altogether. They have made their song immortal. These singers are an asset to the genre of Christian devotional music.

The songs which were sung by these great artists touch everyone’s heart irrespective of their religion. Some of the famous Christian Devotional songs are: -

* Kelungal Tharapadum
* Endhiye Vandhom
* Mohanthinte
* Aadhi Pidha Kumaran
* Alaikkuthae Unthan
* Parisutha Aaviyaanavarea
* Kathiravan Ezhuhindra
* Yesu En Vazhvil
* Naattiyathin Jathi
* Anaathi Thevane Saranam
* Poologa Meetper Yesu
* Etho Or Narcheithi
* Thol Meethae Siluvai
* Yesu Rajavukku Jai
* Vazhvu Ennum
* Santhishamaga Paaduvom

The songs mentioned above have been a diamond in the necklace of Christian devotional music. These songs have been inspiring many people towards spirituality. Whether it’s Christian or any other genre of devotional song the inherited message in these songs is the same – the dedication of one owns self towards god.


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    Required C.D. Song by Anie Soloman ( Prathenekaga)
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