Devotional Songs

Devotional songs belong to a special genre of their own. They refer to musical songs, chants, mantra and hymns that are sung in order to please gods, experience spirituality and to celebrate certain religious rituals. These devotional songs are a way to be closer to the all divine, to god. From time unknown or rather precisely the advent of music in history, devotional songs are being composed.

In west, devotional songs were founded in Roman Catholic Church, Russian Orthodox Church, Greek Orthodox Church and many more. In India, right from the Indus Valley Civilization, devotional songs for many gods are being composed and sung. Earlier devotional music was divided into classes- Southern Carnatic and Northern Hindustani. As the time passed by, and different number of religions and languages started developing, devotional songs of different languages also started gaining prominence.

Devotional songs are even mentioned in the Rig Veda, which shows that even at that time, when more than half of the world was uninhabited, Indians had made a great progress in the field of devotional songs. In India, devotional songs in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Carnatic, Malayalam and many more languages were composed and sung by different singers. Sufi Devotional songs were also very famous in this part of Asia. Some very old devotional songs are still very popular and are still a hit among people. May be the languages of all devotional songs are different, but the message that they hide; the inherited teachings and the feel are the same. These songs are a nice way to dedicate one’s own self to god.

In a country as big and as diversified as India, people belonging to different parts and speaking different languages are equally important, because the unity lying underneath constitute what we call as India. When we talk about devotional songs in India, it does not get limited only to the national language Hindi. In fact, devotional songs of different languages have their own importance; whether its Tamil or Telugu or Malayalam or Oriya or Gujrati, devotional songs are a tribute to god everywhere.


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