English Devotional Songs

English is an international language. You can speak English in every nook and corner of the global village, the world. This is the biggest reason why English devotional songs are so popular around the world. Whether it is New York or New Delhi, California or Canberra, one will find equal listeners of English Devotional songs. They may belong to different religions but the common thing is that they are sung in English. There are many singers who have sung English Devotional Songs, the most prominent of them being Yesudas, Sushila, Madhuri, P Jayachandran, Balamuralikrishna, Rihaana, Kamukara Purshothaman, S Janaki, Yesudas, P Leela, Vani Jayaram, A p Komala and many more. These singers mentioned above have created some masterpieces which lead the path to spirituality and mysticism.

Some of the most popular English Devotional Songs are listed below: -

* Arms of love
* Blessed be the Lord God Almighty
* God of Wonders
* Jesus, name above all names
* We bring the sacrifice of praise
* You are my hiding place
* As the deer
* Blessed be your name
* Father I adore you
* God will make a way
* He has made me glad
* In moments like these
* Make me a servant
* The Power of your love
* He knows my name

These songs are some of the best songs world had ever seen in the genre of English Devotional songs. These songs have changed the life of many in a better way and will continue to do so in future. These songs have got the ability of attracting more and more devotees towards itself and that’s why these songs have gained so much importance. As stated earlier, the songs of this genre may belong to different religion, but through the common language English, they are propagating the same message of God.


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    Can u send the lyrics of– YOU R MASTER OF ALL CREATION.

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    The Power of your love

  4. 4

    gods grace

  5. 5

    i want some devotional songs

  6. 6

    i want some popular devotional songs

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    * As the deer
    * God will make a way
    * Jesus, name above all names

  8. 8

    they’re really refreshing the soul

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    I want all the devotional songs

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    arms of love
    blessed be the Lord God Almighty
    Jesus name above all names
    God will make a way
    He knows my name

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    I would like tp have very popular old song

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    english songs are very sprptual.when you hear song like :”amazing grace”or what a friend we have in Jesus”oror blessed assuarance Jesus is mine”song like that is realy wonderful Always old is gold. I would always prefer song like that

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    ineed all christian devotional songs

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    i need devotional viedeo songs