Malyalam Devotional Songs

Malayalam is the language spoken basically in Kerala and in the neighboring states also. The language is among one of the most spoken languages in India. The songs composed and sung in this language and which are dedicated to god and teaches spirituality belongs to the genes of Malayalam Devotional Songs. These songs may be belonging to different religions, but when they are talked as once they are called Malayalam Devotional Songs. Some of the famous and best singers of the Malayalam Devotional Songs are Kester, Yeshudas, Markose, Elizabeth, Joseph, Ramesh, Murali, Billy Graham, A R Rahamn, Kamal Hasan, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Deepan Chakravarthy, Anuradha Sriram, Shankar Mahadevan, Ajay Chakarvarty, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Sadhana Sargam and many more. These singers are gem of Malayalam Devotional Music and have taken this genre to a new height all together.

Some of the best devotional songs of this genre are: -

* Yeshuve Sarvesha Soonuve
* Sundara Sheethala
* Sooryakaanthi
* Yeshuve Rakshaka
* Yeshunaatha Varu
* Navya Mohana Gaanam
* Saadaramange
* Shaantha Prashaantham
* Thirusannidhaanam
* Vaarmanithennalaay
* Vachanam Thiruvachanam
* Daivame Nin
* Aarum kothikkum ninte sneham
* Ormayil nin mukham maathram
* Althaarayil aathma baliyaay

These songs are some of the best in Malayalam Devotional genre that this world has ever heard. It seems that the singers have given all they have to these songs. But the best thing is that with the release of a new song, the standard of this genre is increased. This genre is not for any particular religion, it teaches the ideologies of all the religions but in a particular language Malayalam. The fact remains the same that may be there are songs of different religions but the inherited fact is that the teachings are all the same. Devote yourself to god and feel the rhythm of his grace.


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    Among christian devotional songs field malayalam devotionals has a great status. & Among the singers my most most most most most most most most most most most most most most………………………….Favourite singer is KESTER>>>>>>>. I AM WHOLELY A KESTER FAN

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    pls ply ds song

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